Horse, sketched out on Illustrator and finished in Photoshop 5.5 using Wacom tablet.
circa 10/99
Belgum 24k © 2000, all rights reserved I have been drawing horses ever since I can remember. My two current models are Marya, an Arab who can perform at 2nd level dressage, and Raja, a thoroughbred cross who is able to do 3rd level.
Tiger, also sketched out t in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop 5.0. Started with trac ball and finished with Wacom tablet.
Circa 8/99
tiger 37k © 2000, all rights reserved An exercise in fur textures. No artwork was scanned.
Chango, one of 5 cats. Done completely in Photoshop 5.0 using Wacom tablet.
Circa 9/99
Chango 20k © 2000, all rights reserved Chango was found by a friend who was driving down the road and heard a kitten crying. Upon investigation, she found this tiny 5 week old kitten- scraped, battered and dragging itself by its' front legs. Apparently, it had been thrown from a car. Both back legs were broken. Fool that I am, I took him on. Now, at a year of age, he is doing just fine.

Fun Fish, created entirely in Illustrator 8.0 using trac ball.
Circa 8/99

fish 30k © 2000, all rights reserved

Sabre and Mika, created entirely in Photoshop 5.0 using trac ball.
Circa 7/99

Sabre and Mika 32k © 2000, all rights reserved Sabre is my best buddy. While with his original owner he fell out of the back of a pickup truck. A pin was placed in his hip to repair the broken bone. The pin subsequently migrated out of the hip, damaging the sciatic nerve on the way. The owners could not keep him inside for his recovery, and the foot became infected.The infection was so severe, it dissolved the bones in the foot. When I got him, we thought the only thing left to do for him was to amputate the leg. The leg has not been amputated, and 3 years later he is doing just fine.
Arab line art, posed for by Marya.
Circa 9/99
Arab 20k © 2000, all rights reserved


Original images created in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator®, using a Wacom® tablet. No artwork was scanned.

©2000, Indigo Wizard. All rights reserved. No artwork may be copied without the express permission of the artist.



Cornelia Neuser ©2000